2013 JAMS Papers

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2013 JAMS Technical Review - Seattle, Washington 


John Tomblin and Lamia Salah, NIAR, Wichita State University

J.S. Tomblin and W.P. Seneviratne, NIAR, Wichita State University

G. Olivares, J.F. Acosta, & S. Raju, NIAR, Wichita State University

Waruna P. Seneviratne, John S. Tomblin, & Shawn Denning, NIAR, Wichita State University

K.Y. Lin, C.H. Cheung, W. Liu, & L. Richard, University of Washington

Max Spetzler and Paolo Feraboli, University of Washington

Vishal Musaramthota, Tomas Pribanic, & Dwayne McDaniel, Florida International University

J.P. Parmigiani, N. Atanasov, & I. Hyder, Oregon State University

Brian Head, Mark Tuttle, & Michael Arce, University of Washington

Hyonny Kim, UC San Diego

Ashley C. Tracey, Jonathan T. Morasch, Aaron Capps, & Brian D. Flinn, University of Washington

CACRC Depot Bonded Repair Investigation – Round Robin Testing

Certification of Composite-Metal Hybrid Structures Using Load-Enhancement Factors

Crashworthiness Evaluation of Composite Aircraft Structures

Damage Growth in Fluid-Ingressed Sandwich Structures

Delamination/Disbond Arrest Features in Aircraft Composite Structures

Design of Energy-Absorbing CFRP Stanchions for the Cargo Floor Structure of Transport Category Airplanes

Effect of Surface Contamination on Composite Bond Integrity and Durability

Failure of Notched Laminates Under Out-of-Plane Bending, Phase VI Update

Certification of Discontinuous Fiber Composite Forms for Aircraft Structures

Impact Damage Formation on Composite Aircraft Structures

Potential Composite Bond Contamination by Contact Angle Fluids