2011 JAMS Papers

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2011 JAMS Technical Review - San Diego, CA 


Gerardo Olivares, Juan Acosta, & Vikas Yadav, NIAR, Wichita State University

Suresh Keshavanarayana, Md. Tareq Siddiqui, & Gerardo Olivares, Wichita State University

Paolo Feraboli and Bonnie Wade, University of Washington

John S. Tomblin, PhD, and Waruna P. Seneviratne, PhD, NIAR, Wichita State University

Daniel O. Adams, Joseph Nelson, & Zack Bluth, University of Utah

Chi Ho E. Cheung, Philip M. Gray, & Kuen Y. Lin, University of Washington

Daniel O. Adams, K.L. DeVries, & Clint Child, University of Utah

Waruna P. Seneviaratne, PhD, and John S. Tomblin, PhD, NIAR, Wichita State University

Dwayne McDaniel, Tomas Pribanic, & Rakesh Guduru, Florida International University

J.P. Parmigiani, B.K. Bay, T.J. Wright, & W.C. Beattie, Oregon State University

Hyonny Kim, Gabriela DeFrancisci, & Zhi Ming Chen, UC San Diego

A.F. Emery and K.C. Johnson, University of Washington

John Tomblin, PhD, and Lamia Salah, NIAR, Wichita State University

John Tomblin, PhD, and Lamia Salah, NIAR, Wichita State University

Eli Livne, University of Washington

Ashley C. Tracey, Jake Plummer, & Brian D. Flinn, University of Washington

Suresh Keshavanarayana, Wichita State University

Paolo Feraboli and Bonnie Wade, University of Washington

Tory Shifman and Mark Tuttle, University of Washington


Crashworthiness of Composites – Certification by Analysis

Crashworthiness of Composites – Material Dynamic Properties

Crushing Behavior of a Composite Corrugated Specimen Representative of an Aircraft Subfloor: Experiment and Simulation

Damage Tolerance Testing and Analysis Protocols for Full-Scale Composite Airframe Structures under Repeated Loading—Damage Growth in Fluid-Ingressed Sandwich Structures

Development and Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics Test Methods for Sandwich Composites

Development of Reliability-Based Damage Tolerant Structural Design Methodology

Durability of Adhesively Bonded Joints for Aircraft Structures

Environmental Compensation Factor Influence on Composite Design and Certification

Evaluation of Analytical Chemistry Methods for Surface Contamination and Its Effect on Composite Bond Integrity and Durability

Failure of Notched Laminates Under Out-of-Plane Bending

Impact Damage Formation on Composite Aircraft Structures

Interpreting Infrared Thermal Images of Repair Sites

CACRC Depot Bonded Repair Investigation – Round Robin Testing

Effects of Repair Procedures on Bonded Repairs of Composite Structures

Combined Global / Local Aeroservoelastic Variability and Uncertainty of Composite Aircraft – An Overview

Quality Control Methodologies for Surface Preparation Processes for Composite Bonding

Statistical Analysis Program for Generating Material Allowables

Toward Certification by Analysis Supported by Test Evidence of Discontinuous Composite Materials Forms for Primary Aircraft Parts

A Study of Structural Angle Beams Produced Using Discontinuous-Fiber Composites