About Us

In December 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a joint award to Wichita State University and the University of Washington to create the FAA Joint Advanced Materials and Structures Center of Excellence (JAMS). WSU was designated as a Center of Excellence for Composites and Advanced Materials (CECAM) and the University of Washington was designated as a center for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS).

The center addresses the engineering and science issues associated with safety, regulation and product certification:

FAA-sponsored research conducted by the JAMS center of excellence is divided into nine technical areas focused on advanced materials and structures of advanced materials and structures to assure equivalent or higher levels of safety

 relative to existing technology. It also establishes engineering standards and provides training in the area of advanced materials and structures. The ultimate goal is to develop an advanced materials and structures knowledge base.

• Material Standardization and Shared Databases • Bonded Joints Issues
• Structural Substantiation
• Damage Tolerance and Durability
• Maintenance Practices
• Advanced Material Forms and Processes
• Cabin Safety
• Nanotechnology for Composite Structures
• Life Management of Materials for Improved Aircraft Maintenance Practices

JAMS has made a commitment to focus on aviation safety and certification needs by involving additional FAA and industry personnel in the process. The research reviewed shows continuing efforts to focus on aviation industry safety and certifications needs. This is a major accomplishment for the center and a fitting close to the first phase of the JAMS program. The program highlights the work of each of the universities and is becoming proficient at researching the safe use of composites and other advanced materials and processes in aircraft structures. This increases the value of the center to the FAA and the aviation community in general.